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Research: It became clear upon entering the professional aquaponic scene that most leaders" were misinformed, oversimplifying science, and had zero past experience within aquaculture. The goals were to bring clarity surrounding the confusion within the myths and facts, as well as identifying the issues surrounding nutrient bioavailability in aquaculture based agriculture. 

Develop: A customized fully automated system was innovated from the foundation of the true aquaponic leaders; the Inca peoples of Mexico. The other side of developments came from the understanding of aquaculture technology, utilizing remote critical parameter reporting / controlling devices which proactively contain predicted system issues. 

Commercialization: Our remote motioning services coupled with the most technologically advanced aquaponic system sets our clients up for longevity to be able to add onto and repeat with systematized success. Data collection along with visuals allows for being on the pulse of the system's entirety. 

Collaborations: Continuously blending the realms of aquatic and terrestrial microbiology makes for a depth of connections from both sides of the fence for aquaculture and agriculture. Some of the absolute best agriculturists have a solid foundation as aquaculturists; leading to truly contextualized understandings around calcification, nitrification, mineralization, and photosynthesizes methodologies.